A throwing physics challenge that's tricky to master, set in a bizarre Viking universe. Play kubb for laughs in ridiculous 2 player (shared device or online), or for gold and to unlock all achievements in 1 player, with more than 100 levels!

Based on the real Viking game of kubb, taken to the extreme. Encounter various worlds and play with various characters from Viking mythology.

The rules are deceptively simple: throw batons to knock over your kubbs (logs) while trying to avoid theirs, and finally take out the king to win! But knock over the king too early, and it's game over.


After meeting at a game jam, Ethan pitched to Bilal the concept of making a video game based on kubb - the ancient Viking game. The idea was that Ethan's dad was part of a medieval recreationist group, and we'd make a true-to-the-original game that the group would appreciate and enjoy.

Bilal signed up to work on it for 2 weeks before an early launch, and travelled far to try the real game with Ethan and his dad. Kubb was great, but when pen was put to paper, it seemed like a true-to-the-original 2D version of kubb would simply be boring and drab in comparison, so we dropped that requirement and ended up with our Angry Birds/Worms hybrid of sorts.

We successfully released the game under Early Access just after a few weeks as originally planned, and for one reason or another have found ourselves slowly toiling away at it for more than two years since then.


Free Base Game

  • 1 player mode with 20+ levels
  • 2 player mode (local/online) with 20+ levels
  • 5+ hand-drawn/animated characters to play with
  • 2 batons to throw basic physical mechanics

Full Game Additions

  • 40+ more 1 player levels
  • 40+ more 2 player levels to be unlocked
  • 10+ more hand-drawn/animated characters to be unlocked
  • More (60+ total) achievements to be unlocked
  • 3 more batons to be unlocked with more complex mechanics


(download zip, 3.2M)


Ethan Close
Art, animation, level design, music, sound

Bilal Akil - Doodad Games
Production, development
Twitter, LinkedIn





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